Tantum ergo (Pange)

                                                                                      Schola Sancte Scholasticae and St. Cecilia's Abbey, UK

Tantum ergo verse 1 JPEG

Therefore we, before him bending,
This great Sacrament revere;
Types and shadows have their ending,
For the new rite is here;
Faith, our outward sense befriending,
Makes the inward vision clear.

Tantum ergo verse 2 JPEG

Glory let us give, and blessing
To the Father and the Son;
Honour, might, and praise addressing,
While eternal ages run;
Ever too his love confessing,
Who from both, with both is one.

In honour of the Holy Eucharist

Suggested use: Benediction

Note:  Music from the Parish Book of Chant (CMAA, 2012, page 195) and used with permission from The Church Music Association of America. Book can be purchased at  amazon.com  and is also available by download from http://media.musicasacra.com/pdf/pbc-web.pdf

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