Tantum ergo (Mode I)

                                                                                                                                St. Cecilia's Abbey, UK

Tantum ergo (Mode I) verse 1 JPEG

Therefore we, before him bending,
This great Sacrament revere;
Types and shadows have their ending,
For the new rite is here;
Faith, our outward sense befriending,
Makes the inward vision clear.

Tantum ergo (Mode I) verse 2 JPEG

Glory let us give, and blessing
To the Father and the Son;
Honour, might, and praise addressing,
While eternal ages run;
Ever too his love confessing,
Who from both, with both is one.

In honour of the Holy Eucharist

Suggested use: Benediction

Note: The above music is from the Cantus Selecti (Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Solesmes, 1949, page 245) which is in public domain and may purchased at  solesmes.com  .

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