Lauda Sion

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Lauda Sion verses 1-2 JPEG

 1.  Sion, praise the Savior, praise the leader and
      the shepherd, in hymns and songs. 

 2.  Dare as much as you can: because He is greater
      than any praise, nor can you praise [Him] enough.

Lauda Sion verses 3-4 JPEG

 3.  A theme of special praise, living and life-giving
      bread is proposed today.

 4.  That this was given at table of the sacred dinner,
      to the group of the twelve brothers, there is no

Lauda Sion verses 5-6 JPEG

 5.  Let praise be full, let it be sonorous, let it be a
      joyful, let it be a fitting jubilation of the mind. 

 6.  For a solemn day is celebrated, in which the first
      institution of this meal is recalled.

Lauda Sion verses 7-8 JPEG

 7.  At this meal of the new King, the new Pasch of the
      new law ends the old Passover. 

 8.  Newness chases old age away, truth [chases]
      shadow [away], daylight eliminates night.

Lauda Sion verses 9-10 JPEG

 9.  What Christ performed at the supper, He urged 
      that it be done in His memory. 

10. Instructed by the sacred precepts, we consecrate
      the bread, the wine into the victim of salvation.

Lauda Sion verses 11-12 JPEG

11.  A dogma is given to Christians: that bread passes
       into flesh, and wine into blood. 

12.  What you do not grasp, what you do not see,
       courageous faith confirms, beyond the order of

Lauda Sion verses 13-14 JPEG

13.  Under the different species, signs only, and not
       things themselves, extraordinary things lie

14.  Flesh is food, blood is drink: however, Christ
       entire remains under either species.

Lauda Sion verses 15-16 JPEG

15.  [Christ] is not severed by the partaker, nor
       broken, nor divided: He is received entire. 

16.  One partakes [of Him], a thousand partake: these
       as much as that one: nor, when parktaken of, is
       He consumed.

Lauda Sion verses 17-18 JPEG

17.  The good partake, the bad partake: with,
       however, an unequal share of life and death.

18.  It is death to the bad, life to the good: behold how
       unlike is the result of like partaking.

Lauda Sion verses 19-20 JPEG

19.  Finally the sacrament having been broken, you
       should not waver, but remember that under the
       fragment there is as much as there is covered by
       the whole. 

20.  There is no rending of the thing: there is only a
       breaking of the sign, through which neither the
       status nor the stature of the signified is

Lauda Sion verses 21-22 JPEG

21.  Behold the Bread of Angels, become the food of
       the pilgrims: truly the bread of the sons, which
       cannot be thrown to the dogs. 

22.  It is presignified in types, when Isaac is brought
       to be sacrificed, the Paschal lamb is chosen,
       manna is given to the fathers.

Lauda Sion verses 23-24 JPEG

23.  Good shepherd, true bread, Jesus, have mercy on
       us: feed us, protect us, make us see good things
       in the land of the living. 

24.  You Who know and can do all things, You who
       feed us mortals here, make us there your table
       companions, coheirs and comrades of the holy

Corpus Christi (Body and Blood of Christ)

Use:  Corpus Christi sequence

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