Ecce nomen Domini

                                                                                                                                     St. Cecilia's Abbey, UK

Ece Nomen Domini JPEG

Behold, the name of the Lord Emmanuel,
which was announced by Gabriel,
today has appeared in Israel:
of the Virgin Mary was born the King.
O joy! A Virgin has brought forth God,
as the divine clemency has willed.
Born in Bethlehem, seen in Jerusalem,
and honored in all the earth is the king of Israel.

Chrismas:   In honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Suggested use:  Mass: Offertory, Communion

Note:  Music from the Parish Book of Chant (CMAA, 2012, page 240) and used with permission from The Church Music Association of America. Book can be purchased at  and is also available by download from

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