Te saeculorum

                                                                                       Schola Sancte Scholasticae and St. Cecilia's Abbey, UK 

1.   You, Prince of (all) ages, You, Christ, King of the nations; we
      confess You as the one Judge of (all) hearts and minds.

2.   The procession bows low in heaven to adore You and praise You
      with hymns. We Your flock call you supreme King of all.

3.   Christ, peace-making Prince, subdue rebellious minds, and in
      Your love, gather together in one flock those wandering astray.

4.   For this, with arms outstretched, You hung, bleeding, from the
      Tree, and the cruel spear that pierced You showed a Heart
      blazing with fire.

5.   For this, You are hidden on our altars under the symbol of bread
      and wine, pouring out salvation for (Your) children from (Your)
      pierced side.

6.   Glory to You, Jesus, who temper all things with love, with the
      Father and the loving Spirit through endless ages. Amen.

 Vespers Hymn for Feast of Christ the King

Note: The above music is from the Cantus Selecti (Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Solesmes, 1949, pg 94)The Latin text is from the Liber Hymnarius (Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Solesmes, 1998, page 122) and used with permission from The Abbaye Saint-Pierre, Solesmes, France. To obtain the music with updated notation, please purchase the Liber Hymnarius solesmes.com ). 

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