Stabat Mater


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Stabat Mater verses 1-2 JPEG

 1.  Sorrowful, weeping stood the Mother by the cross on
      which hung her Son.

 2.  Whose soul, mournful, sad, lamenting, was pierced by
      a sword.

Stabat Mater verses 3-4 JPEG

 3.  Oh how sad, how afflicted was that blessed Mother of
      the Only-begotten.

 4.  How did she mourn and lament, loving Mother, while
      she saw the torment of her divine Son?

Stabat Mater verses 5-6 JPEG

 5.  What man would not weep if he saw the mother of
      Christ in such sorrow?

 6.  Who would not mourn with her, beholding Christ’s
      mother mourning with her Son?

Stabat Mater verses 7-8 JPEG

 7.  For the sins of her race, she sees Jesus in torments and 
      subjected to scourges.

 8.  She sees her dear Son dying in anguish, as he gives up
      the ghost.

Stabat Mater verses 9-10 JPEG

 9.  O Mother, fount of love, make me feel the strength of 
      thy sorrow, that I may mourn with thee.

10. Make my heart burn with love for Christ my God, that I
      may please him.

Stabat Mater verses 11-12 JPEG

11. Holy Mother, do this: fix the wounds of the Crucified 
       firmly in my heart.

12. Share with me the pain of thy wounded Son, Who
      deigns to bear so much for me.

Stabat Mater verses 13-14 JPEG

13. While I shall live, make me dutifully weep with thee, 
      [make me] suffer with the Crucified.

14. I desire to stand beside the cross with thee, and to
      unite myself with thee in lamentation.

Stabat Mater verses 15-16 JPEG

15. Foremost virgin of virgins, be not harsh to me now: 
      make me weep with thee.

16. Make me a bearer of the death of Christ, make me a
      sharer in [his] Passion and to ponder his wounds.

Stabat Mater verses 17-18 JPEG

17. Make me be wounded by [his] wounds, make me be 
      inebriated with the cross and the blood of [thy] Son. 

18. That I may not burn in flames, may I be protected by
      thee, holy Virgin at the day of judgment.

Stabat Mater verses 19-20 JPEG

19. Christ, when I depart from here, grant that through Thy 
      Mother, I may gain the palm of victory.  

20. When the body dies, grant my soul may enter the glory
      of paradise.

Stations of the Cross

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