Parce Domine

                                                                                                                               Pluscarden Abbey, Scotland

                                                                                                                  Note:  Recording includes verses 1-3
                                                                                                                             Music score contains 5 verses


Parce Domine refrain 2


Spare, O Lord, spare Thy people, lest Thou be angry with us forever..


                              (Note: refrain may be repeated)


Parce Domine verse 1 JPEG
Parce Domine refrain 2

1.  Let us bow down before the avenging wrath; let us weep before
     the Judge; let us cry forth in prayer of supplication, and all fall
     prostrate in prayer.  (

Parce Domine verse 2 JPEG
Parce Domine refrain 2

2.  By our sins we have offended thy clemency, O God; pour out on
     us thy pardon from on high, Thou Who dost forgive.  

Parce Domine verse 3 JPEG
Parce Domine refrain 2

3.  Offering an acceptable time, give streams of tears to wash the
     sacrifice of our heart, which joyful charity enkindles.

Parce Domine verse 4 JPEG
Parce Domine refrain 2

4.  Hear, thou merciful Creator, the tearful prayers poured forth
     during this holy fast of forty days.  

Parce Domine verse 5 JPEG
Parce Domine refrain 2

5.  Beloved searcher of hearts, thou knowest the infirmities of men;
     show pardoning grace to those who return to thee.  


Suggested use: Mass: Communion


Note:  Music from the Parish Book of Chant (CMAA, 2012, page 252) and used with permission from The Church Music Association of America. Book can be purchased at  and is also available by download from

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