Dies irae

                                                                                     Schola Sanctae Scholasticae and St. Cecilia's Abbey, UK 

Dies ire verses1-2 JPEG

1.  The day of wrath, that awful day,                    
     shall reduce the world to ashes,                              
     as David and the Sibyl prophesied.

2.  How great will be the terror,                            
     when the Judge shall come                                      
     to examine all things rigorously!

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3.  The trumpet, with astounding blast,          
     echoing over the sepulchers of the whole world,
     shall compel all before the throne.

4.  Death and nature will stand aghast,              
     when the creature shall rise again,                      
     to answer before his Judge.

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5.  The written book shall be brought forth,
     containing all for which the world must be judged.  

6.  When, therefore, the Judge shall be seated,
     whatsoever is hidden shall be brought to light,
     naught shall remain unpunished.

Dies ire verses7-8 JPEG

7.  What then shall I, unhappy man, allege?          
     Whom shall I invoke as protector?                          
     When even the just shall hardly be secure.  

8.  O King of awful majesty,                                    
     who of thy free gift savest them that are to be saved,                  
     save me, O fount of mercy!

Dies ire verses9-10 JPEG

 9.  Remember, O loving Jesus,                            
      ‘twas for my sake thou camest on earth,              
      let me not then be lost on that day.                       

10. Seeking me thou didst sit weary,                  
      thou didst redeem me by dying on the cross,            
      let not such suffering be all in vain.

Dies ire verses 11-12 JPEG

11.  O righteous Awarder of retribution,            
       grant me the gift of pardon                      
       before the day of reckoning.                                                            

12.  I groan as one guilty,                                  
       while my countenance blushes for my fault:            
       O spare thy supplicant, O God!

Dies ire verses13-14 JPEG

13.  Thou who didst absolve Mary [Magdalene],
       and didst hear the prayer of the thief,                  
       to me also thou hast given hope.                         

14.  My prayers are not worthy,                              
       but thou who art good, grant in thy kindness        
       that I may not burn in the everlasting fire.

Dies ire verses 15-16 JPEG

15.  Give me a place among thy sheep                
       and separate me from the goats,                      
       setting me on thy right side.                                

16.  When the reprobate, covered with confusion,
       shall have been sentenced to the cruel flames,      
       call me with the blessed.

Dies ire verses17-20 JPEG

17.  Prostrate in supplication I implore thee,      
       with a heart contrite as though crushed to ashes,  
       O have a care of my last hour! 

18.  A mournful day that day shall be,                    
       when from the dust shall arise 

19.  guilty man, that he may be judged;            
       therefore, spare him, O God!

20.  O tender Lord Jesus, grant them eternal rest.

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Note:  Music from the Parish Book of Chant (CMAA, 2012, page 156) and used with permission from The Church Music Association of America. Book can be purchased at amazon.com  and is also available by download from http://media.musicasacra.com/pdf/pbc-web.pdf

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