A solis ortus


                                                                                                                                     St. Cecilia's Abbey, UK

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1.  From the point where the sun rises in the east,
     to the uttermost end of the earth, let us sing
     Christ our Prince, born of the Virgin Mary.

2.  The blessed Author of the world
     put on a lowly body,
     so that, freeing flesh by means of flesh,
      what He made should not be lost.

3.  Heavenly grace enters the womb
     of His chaste mother;
     a maiden’s womb bears
     secrets which she had not thought of.

4.  The house of a chaste heart
     suddenly becomes the temple of God;
     undefiled, knowing no man,
     she conceives a Son by a word.

5.  The mother has brought forth Him
     Whom Gabriel foretold,
     Whom John had perceived, leaping
     while enclosed in his mother’s womb.

6.  He bears with lying on hay,
     He does not scorn the crib;
     He is nourished with a little milk, He through
     Whose power not even a bird goes hungry.

7.  The chorus of heaven’s citizens rejoices,
     and the angels sing of God;
     the Shepherd and Creator of all
     is made manifest to the shepherds.

8.  O Jesus, glory be to You,
     Who were born of the Virgin,
     with the Father and the loving Spirit,
     for ever and ever. Amen.

   Liber Hymnarius page 22


Christmas hymn at Lauds

Note:  The Latin text is from the Liber Hymnarius (Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Solesmes, 1998, page 22) and used with permission from The Abbaye Saint-Pierre, Solesmes, France. To obtain the music with updated notation, please purchase the Liber Hymnarius solesmes.com ). An earlier version may be found in the Antiphonale Monasticum (1934); but music and text may vary.

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