Te lucis ante terminum (weekday)

                                                                                                                    Pluscarden Abbey, Scotland

Te lucis ante terminum (weekdays of year) LH 2010 JPEG

1.  Before the end of the day,
     We ask you, creator of all,
     In your wonted kindness,
     To go before us as our guard.

2.  May our hearts dream of you,
     May we perceive you even in sleep,
     And always sing your glory
     At the coming of the light.

3.  Grant us a healthy life,
     Restore our fervour;
     The foul darkness of night
     May your brightness illumine.

4.  Grant this, Father almighty,
     Through Jesus Christ the Lord,
     Who with you forever
     Reigns with the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

 Compline (weekday)

Note:  Above music is from Liturgia Horarum in Cantu Gregoriano. Ad Completorium in Cantu Gregoriano: Feria Secunda. (Breda, Netherlands, 2010). Free download from Liturgia Horarum in Cantu Gregoriano website www.transitofvenus.nl/LiturgiaHorarum/   Typeset by Steven van Roode and also available in paperback from  http://www.lulu.com/shop/steven-van-roode/ad-completorium/paperback/product-20627082.html   

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